Ever wondered what was running around your floor at night...well now you can find out!
Critter.Camera lets you turn any phone, tablet or laptop into a motion activated camera
Private and secure - no data is sent over the internet and all images are stored locally on your browser
Highly sensitive motion detection will capture everything from human beings to tiny insects
Simply place the device pointing at the area to watch, press start and leave it to do its thing
When you return any motion detected will have been saved as downloadable images ready for you to review
During the day curtains and blinds should be closed to maintain the same level of lighting
Plain surfaces like areas of floor work better than entire rooms
Image of critter.camera running on different devices
  • camera_indoor 1. Choose Suitable Indoor Location

    Reflective surfaces, vibrations and changing light levels may result in false motion detection

  • devices 2. Securely Position Device

    The device should not be disturbed while it is recording motion

  • touch_app 3. Press START

    Ensure there is no movement in the frame during the 2 minute calibration sequence

  • pest_control_rodent 4. Device Begins Capturing

    After calibration the device will begin detecting motion and saving images

  • camera_roll 5. View Saved Images

    Images can be viewed and downloaded via the browser

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